PONT DES ARTS has been creating exclusive art and wine collections since 2010 and is now available in 15 countries. PONT DES ARTS is a bridge between art and wine, East and West, and collectors and newcomers alike. It has married the best from the art world (starting with Zao Wou-Ki and Yue Minjun from China) and the wine world (Paul Pontallier and other highly respected wine experts from France).

When the founders, Arthur Villepin (art collector and son of former prime minister of France, Dominique Villepin) and Thibault Pontallier (Asia Ambassador for Chateau Margaux and son of Managing Director, Paul Pontallier) met in Hong Kong in 2010, they shared a common goal: to promote abroad what France does best. Arthur was passionate about art and loved wine, Thibault was passionate about wine and loved art. This project combines their French roots and lifestyle with different cultures and talents.

Like the wines, the Pont des Arts Cognac XO is a story of friendship & family. Two great families from Cognac and Bordeaux collaborated to create this unique 40 year-old blend.
The Godet family has been creating exceptional cognacs since 1782. Today, Mr. Jean-Jacques Godet and his three sons, Jean-Edouard, Maxime and Cyril are managing the property. They are the 15th Godet generation.

An exceptional blend of rare eaux-de-vie from the best terroirs of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, this nectar offers a complex nose of prune, honey, Russian leather, jasmine and violet. Encompassing bouquet, grace, profundity and silkiness, the indelible taste lingers for up to 15 minutes, turning the taster into the painting (tongue-in-cheek). This magnificent Cognac deserves to be savoured slowly, whereby every sip is a new experience. Time to indulge and be spoiled.

True to Yue Minjun’s idiosyncratic style of bold humor, the snake as depicted in this hilarious and jocular is an allegory of the number 8, the lucky number in Chinese folk tradition, as it bends to chase its own tail, symbolizing infinity. This infinity lies not only in auspice, but also pleasure.

In the constant search for beauty and quality, we are proud to present the “PONT DES ARTS experience”.